Outcast: Second Contact reveal trailer

The reinvisioned world of Adelpha

Many of us have waited a long time for this day and our most favorite developer Appeal has something special to show us. You guys know that for the last couple of years Appeal has been working on the next iteration of their #1 beloved game, called Outcast: Second Contact.  They gave it their all; their blood, sweat and tears but also a lot of love, enthusiasm and nostalgic feelings… and now the fruitation of their work can finally be revealed. Yes, a few screenshots for Second Contact have been released in the past but this, this is what we all really wanted: The reinvisioned world of Adelpha.

We welcome you all, to the reveal trailer for Outcast: Second Contact!

So what did you think about it? FREAKING AWESOME HUH?!!!

Let us know that you think about it by leaving a comment below. Appeal would very much appreciate your feedback!

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