Here are some facts we know so far from Outcast : A New Beginning.

  • Outcast – A New Beginning will feature an open world without boundaries.

  • The protagonist from the first game, Cutter Slade, is back to save the world.

  • For the first in the series female Talan will be featured in the game.

  • There are still Daokas (sacred gateways) in the open world which you can use to travel around.

  • The game will feature robot invaders as enemies.

  • You can use your jetpack to traverse the world. You can use it to jump, air-dash and glide.

  • Outcast – A New Beginning will contain various weapons at your disposal.

  • Throughout the game, you’ll find more than 30 different weapon modules that change the behaviour of your gun. Combine modules to try different combat styles! With 24 different modules (8 are doubled) and up to 6 weapon slots, the number of combinations is massive. Spoiler: it’s over 9000! If we consider all possible options, we’re talking 906.192 combinations

  • The open world in Outcast – A New Beginning will contain wildlife, both benevolent and hostile.

  • During your adventure you can discover hidden temples.

  • You can help the Talan free their villages in which you gain ancient Talan powers. These Talan powers use forces of nature that will help Cutter Slade to stop his enemies.

  • Cutter has a shield which he can use in different ways. Use your shield to defend yourself – or to attack! It works both as an offensive and defensive weapon.

  • You’ll aquire helpful abilities by finishing a village quest – like anti-gravity powers or flying creatures dropping bombs on enemies. Those powers are a part of the natural ecosystem of Adelpha. But keep in mind: The better the job you did in helping those villages, the stronger your powers will be.

  • Legendary composer Lennie Moore will once again compose the soundtrack for the game, like he did with the original Outcast.

  • Outcast – A New Beginning will be released on PC, XBOX Series X | S and Playstation 5.

  • No release date has been announced yet.

  • Below you will find the supported languages and subtitles for the game, according Outcast – A New Beginning’s Steam page.