On this page, you can find various cheats and secrets for Outcast.

Outcast cheats

To enter the following cheat codes, you first need to activate the cheat mode by typing HOKKUSPOKKUS during gameplay.
Then press F12 , and you should be able to enter any of the following codes for the desired effect.

Code Effect
ARSENAL All Weapons
DYNAMIT Dynamite
AMMO_FLOW Infinite Ammo
KILL_SOLDIERS Kill All Enemies in Level
MONTAGNE Montazaar
BENNY No Clipping
MARCHES Okasankaar
VILLE Okriana
QUIT Quit the Game
NEIGE Ranzaar
TEMPLES Shamazaar
POINTS Show Points
FLY Toggle Fly Mode


Outcast Secrets

These secrets involves editing the game’s .ini file.
Make sure you back up the file before you alter anything!



Run the game once and then close it. Go to the directory where you installed the game and open the Outcast.ini file which will now be fully updated.

Use control + F and look for the line HeroDamageScale=1.000000 and change that to HeroDamageScale=0.000000

Now Cutter won’t take any damage from outside sources like falls, gunshots, grenades, animals, poison and even instant-kill things like Zeedog plants. However, you can still drown, so keep an eye on your air supply at all times.

More money per chest

After that you can look for the lines MoneyChest=50.000000 and Money=10.000000

You can change these to any numbers you want ( for example MoneyChest=5000.000000 ) .

Now bags and chests will have significantly more money.