About Outcast Universe

Outcast Universe is a fan created website dedicated to the amazing game called Outcast.

This site is hosted by Roy van der Aalst (content) and Danny Robert (technical) and we have created it because this game left a permanent mark in our hearts.

When the game came out in 1999 and we played it for the very first time we were so amazed by it that it still remains our #1 game of all time. Its epic story and mysterious atmosphere, the impressive visuals, a fascinating world for you to explore, real lifelike artificial intelligence, enthralling combat with a vast array of weaponry at your disposal, an amazing orchestral soundtrack: an adventure game like no other…

Outcast is a journey through stargates on a parallel world with indigenous human-like entities, full of flora and fauna, but also filled with dangers and wonders. It is an action-packed adventure that will capture your imagination, senses and your emotions. From the moment you begin your adventure you will be captured into its story and you won’t stop until it is finished.

We both have fond memories of playing it in the past and still love it when playing it this very day. We hope this site peeks your interest and convince you to support the developers into buying and spreading the word about this amazing game.

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More information about us:

Roy van der Aalst
Personal site: https://www.facebook.com/quickssilverr
Contact: quickssilverr@outcast-universe.com
Streaming: Twitch
Gaming platforms: Steam (quickssilverr), Xbox Live (quickssilverr), Battle.net (qcksslvrr#2981)

Danny Robert
Personal site: https://www.facebook.com/khyor
Contact: zokar@outcast-universe.com
Gaming platforms: Steam (khyor), Battle.net (Zokar#21652)