During his journey through the regions of Adelpha, Cutter Slade will face many enemies who try to prevent him completing his mission.

Main enemy

There is a main enemy in Outcast spreading terror all over Adelpha. As Cutter, you have to rise up and stand against his power but because of any story spoilers we won’t get into detail about this.



Kroax is a brutal military general that disicplines Talan that don’t obey his orders. He wields a powerfull weapon and will go head on to battle the Ulukai and take him down not matter what the cost.


Enemy Talan

Of course, there are Talan soldiers that are under the command of Kroax and won’t hesitate to stop the Ulukai. They are often found in groups and attack you all together if you’re spotted by them.



The Oogoobar are primitive talan that live in small tribal societies. They are different from regular talan because of their pale blue-isch skin and physical features.

Not much is known about the Oogoobar. They speak a language unknown to all and will attack anyone on sight. They inhabit multiple small camps throughout the forest of Okaar.