The Talan race

Talan, the inhabitants of Adelpha

Outcast takes place on Adelpha in a parallel universe to our own and the Talans are basically the human beings of this world.

The Talan share their basic shape with humans, but there are a number of differences. The Talan head is very different, and they typically have brownish skin. They have only two fingers on each hand, two toes on each foot, it is important to note that they have no thumbs. As you can see below, Talans wear different clothes depending on the task they do.


Dolotai guardians

There are Talan that don’t agree with Fae Rhan’s power and desire to have Fae (fire) rule over the other essences and want to make a stop to it. These Talan are called Dolotai guardians and live in the region of Ranzaar. They help Cutter in his quest to save both Adelpa and the Earth and fulfill the destiny of the Ulukai.



Talan are highly religious beings, they worship on four Yods (essences) :

  • Fae (fire)
  • Eluee (water)
  • Ghanda (earth)
  • Ka (air)

The balance of the essences is extremely important to the health of Adelpha and the Talan inhabiting it. Some Talan specialize themself into these Yods and pray to them, they are called Shamaz.


Young and female Talan

Young and female Talan live on the island of Kizaar. Every few hundred moons the doors are open to the island and males are allowed to come and mate, this continues for five moons. When mating ceases the males take young Talan with them who are ready to undergo Conversion at the Well of Essence. The only males allowed on the island between times of mating are Shamaz.

No female or young Talan appear in Outcast, the above information is only told during gameplay dialogues.