In the story of Outcast you play as Cutter Slade and during gameplay you will have a vast array of weaponry at your disposal. Every weapon in Outcast is upgradable and has multiple levels of power starting from a standard level (level 0) to level 2.



  • Level 0: six bullets in the magazine.
  • Level 1: twelve bullets in the magazine.
  • Level 2:  twenty-four bullets in the magazine.



  • Level 0: normal fire speed.
  • Level 1: faster fire speed, weapon can overheat.
  • Level 2: fast fire speed, bullets ricochet of walls.


slntb SLNT-B

  • Level 0: puts the enemy to sleep for a short time.
  • Level 1: puts the enemy to sleep for a longer time.
  • Level 2: puts the enemy to sleep for a very long time.



  • Level 0: very long loadtime, uses one charge/bullet.
  • Level 1: average loadtime, uses two charges/bullets.
  • Level 2: very short loadtime, uses three charges/bullets.


 lnduoLN-DUO 500

  • Level 0: shoots a mine that explodes when someone comes near it.
  • Level 1: shoots a grenade that bounces and explodes short thereafter.
  • Level 2: shoots a grenade that explodes when it hits the surface.



  • Level 0: charging up the weapon is slow.
  • Level 1: increases the damage and range of the weapon.
  • Level 2: increases the damage and range of the weapon even more.

About Author :

Hello there! My name is Roy, I am 36 years old and living in the Netherlands. Outcast was the very first game I played on my very first own computer back in the day and it's an honor to share with you my passion for this game through Outcast Universe.

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