Adelpha holds some of the most wonderous and dangerous creatures over all of its regions. On this page we show you the creatures that you will find on your journey through Outcast.


Krakits are spider-like creatures which can only be found in the regions of Shamazaar and outside the city walls of Talanzaar. They will attack you when you come to close to them.



Twon-Ha’s are friendly large bipeds with strength and speed not to dissimilar from that of an antelope. They are frequently used as beasts of burden by the Talan and are used to pull carts. They can even be used as a mount so you can ride them all around Adelpha.



Sankaar are fish with deadly spikes all over their body that will attack you on sight. They can be found in the waters of Shamazaar and Okaar.



There is another type of fish inhabiting the waters of Adelpha, called Sannegta. Sanekta don’t have deadly spikes like the Sankaar but they have a horrible bite and swim much faster. They can be found in the waters of Okasankaar.



Zeedogs are long snake-like creatures that live in various parts of the Okasankaar region. They hide themselfs in the water and if you get to close they come out and attack you by spitting at you.



These vicious birds always fly in groups and attack on sight. They can be found in Okaar near the secret gate.


Ventilopes are large flying creatures that can be found in the regions of Shamazaar, Motazaar and Okaar. They are friendly by nature but when angered they drop rocks on their enemies. Some of them are tamed and can be mounted for flight.



Gamors can best be described as wolf/tiger-like creatures. They always live in packs and are very territorial animals. They will attack you without warning so be careful. Gamors live in the Shamazaar, Motazaar, Okasankaar and Okaar regions of Adelpha.



There is a part in the region of Okaar which holds a dangerous secret. Between four huge walls, there is a crater in the ground filled with volcanic lava. All looks fine but if you come to close to this crater a big creature appears which is called the Achondar. The Achondar is a firebreathing snake-like creature.

When the Achondar appears you are locked between these walls and the only way to get out is to push four buttons on the ground around the Achondar as fast as you can before you get killed by the creature. If you are not fast enough to push the buttons, you have to do it all over again.



The most dangerous creature in all of Adelpha is definately the Gondor. The Gondor is best described as an enormous dragon-like creature as tall as a house. The Talan Oru has a passion for hunting it down and kill it for sports. When facing the Gorgor, it runs enormously fast right at you and it is hard to get out of its way. The creature can be found in the region of Okasankaar but a fake one can be seen in the waters of Shamazaar.