THQ Nordic acquires Outcast IP

Hi guys! It has been a while since our last post, simply because there really was not much to post about after the release of Outcast - Second Contact. Things are changing however as it looks like 2019 begins with a small bit of Outcast information. Publisher THQ Nordic announced that they have acquired the rights [...]

Outcast – Second Contact is released!

The day is finally here! Outcast - Second Contact is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One! To celebrate we have a brand new Launch Trailer for you!   Get the game now on the platform of your choice and get some great discounts! Steam - Get a 15% discount if you buy before [...]

Outcast – Second Contact gameplay streams

Hey there fellow Adelphians! You have probably heard that Outcast - Second Contact releases on November 14th 2017. One of our Outcast Universe hosts, Roy (aka quickssilverr), will stream gameplay of the game on Twitch starting from monday November 20th. The times and days of streaming will vary but when streaming starts, we will communicate it [...]

Outcast – Second Contact releases on Nov 14th!

After years of hard work the game finally reached gold status and the release is imminent... We have finally made it there guys. This is the announcement long-time fans and new found friends waited for : Appeal and BigBen have announced that Outcast - Second Contact will be released on November 14th 2017 on Steam [...]

Outcast – Second Contact Final Release Trailer

Outcast - Second Contact Final Release Trailer Here is the final trailer before the release of Outcast - Second Contact  

E3 2017 Gameplay presentation

Hi Adelphians! Here we are again with a special sumthin’ sumthin’ for you guys  :-) We have a video from E3 2017 where a representative from BigBen shows off Outcast – Second Contact. It is a really nice and detailed presentation and gives you a good look on what is in the final game. So [...]

Outcast – Second Contact at E3 2017

Hi Adelphians! By the time you are reading this, the E3 convention of 2017 is almost over ( awhh :-( ). Game Director, Yves Grolet, traveled to Los Angeles to present Outcast - Second Contact and give interviews to the fans. Below you can see a couple of pictures of their E3 booth and presentation. [...]

Outcast Universe – Website updates #3

Dear fellow Adelphians, We have made some additions and changes to the website which are described below: New pages - The page Outcast: Second Contact videos has been added to the site. Here you can find all the released trailers for Outcast: Second Contact. - The page Fanwork has been added to the site (Check [...]

Outcast: Second Contact reveal trailer

The reinvisioned world of Adelpha Many of us have waited a long time for this day and our most favorite developer Appeal has something special to show us. You guys know that for the last couple of years Appeal has been working on the next iteration of their #1 beloved game, called Outcast: Second Contact.  They gave [...]

Universo Outcast Spain Appeal interview #1

Hi Adelphians! Universo Outcast Spain (not related to us :-) ) has done an interview with Appeal. Below you can find the answers and questions translated into English. You can find the original article here. 1 - Will there be different modes of difficulty? For example: More action (more soldiers). More adventure (less soldiers), More exploration (more [...]