Outcast Universe – Website updates #3

Dear fellow Adelphians,

We have made some additions and changes to the website which are described below:

New pages
– The page Outcast: Second Contact videos has been added to the site. Here you can find all the released trailers for Outcast: Second Contact.
– The page Fanwork has been added to the site (Check this section out under Media > Fanwork). Here you can find artwork and videos from all our Outcast fans.

Updated pages
– The page ‘Outcast: Second Contact‘ has been greatly updated. The main text has been updated and changed for reading purposes. We also made a list of what we know so far about Outcast: Second Contact, what new and improved features the game will have and what will definately not be in the game.
– Updated all prices for Outcast 1.1 and Outcast – Original Soundtrack on the Get Outcast page.
– Added ‘Outcast 1.1 Soundtrack’ for purchase on Steam on the Get Outcast page.

Added media
– Many in-game screenshots have been added to the Outcast: Second Contact media section (link)
– Many artworks have been added to the Outcast: Second Contact media section (link)

Added new news posts on the frontpage
– Outcast: Second Contact reveal trailer (link)
– Universo Outcast Spain Appeal interview #1 (link)
– Outcast: Second Contact – New artwork #2 (link)
– Appeal Q&A (link)
– Outcast: Second Contact – New artwork #1 (link)

Your Outcast Universe hosts,

Danny and Roy

About Author :

Hello there! My name is Roy, I am 36 years old and living in the Netherlands. Outcast was the very first game I played on my very first own computer back in the day and it's an honor to share with you my passion for this game through Outcast Universe.

If you want to know more about me, then head over to: https://www.outcast-universe.com/community/about-us/