Universo Outcast Spain Appeal interview #1

Hi Adelphians!

Universo Outcast Spain (not related to us 🙂 ) has done an interview with Appeal. Below you can find the answers and questions translated into English. You can find the original article here.

1 – Will there be different modes of difficulty?
For example: More action (more soldiers). More adventure (less soldiers), More exploration (more characters NPCs with secondary missions), More strategy (Soldiers with different surveillance routines).

We will maintain the same difficulty structure as in the original game. This system depends on the location of the combat and Cutter’s successes to stop the logistic supplies of the soldiers.
That said, we’ll adjust the difficulty of the game again to deal with the improvements in Cutter’s combat skills and artificial intelligence (AI) of the soldiers. 

2 – Why choose the Unity 5 graphics engine instead of Fresh3D? What improvements does the change bring?

We quickly realized that, given the size of the team, we did not have the option of continuing to develop our own graphics engine while we were developing the game, it was simply crazy and unrealistic in terms of deadline and given the target platform.

In addition, Unity 5 offers a wide range of advanced rendering features and a more stable tool chain than FreshEngine. The use of Unity 5 improved the game in various areas, such as better lighting and shadows, more advanced animation mix, more stable physics and search for paths. Not to mention the advantage of cross-platform development and real-time asset reimportation that drastically reduce the development process and, of course, the advantage of C # scripts over Lua or the ability to extend the editor to our needs.

3 – Will the colors of rocks and grass change or remain in the Shamazaar region?
The color of the rocks and grass do not like much in this region. In the Kickstarter campaign, the color palette used for these aspects was better, more in line with the original game.

The color palette of the game is a bit different from what was visible in the first screenshots. An upcoming trailer will soon show the game exactly as these aspects play.

4 – Will there be any visual allusion to the island of women and children (Kizaar)?
For example: a visual memory, in the well of essences.

My answer is that I can not respond. So, you can draw your own conclusions.

5 – Can we expect day / night cycles? Or at least the effects of time? As Ranzaar already enjoys. This is something that does not change the history of the game. As the new variety of 20 plants (decoration only).
For example: luminous plants planted strategically at night near the barrier of Shamazaar, would indicate a large area of ​​articles for Cutter. Besides Adelpha at night with its moons, torches, lights, and luminescent plants, it would be something really beautiful and captivating.

We will not integrate day / night cycles, but the climatic effect will definitely be added.
New plants are also added, some of them luminescent. (I.e.But there will be no night time in the game. Let’s keep all those ideas for Outcast 2!