Appeal Q&A

Hello everyone!

In a combined effort with our fellow community sites Planet Adelpha and Outcastii, we have asked Appeal for an opportunity to have a Q&A. They happily agreed and asked us to provide five questions in which they would reply. Of course, we have tried to ask the questions as diverse as we can. Read further below for the Q&A.


Question 1)
When will Outcast: Second Contact be released and when will we see the first trailer for the game?

It was at initially planned for a March 2017 release but we decided with BigBen, our publisher, to postpone the release to autumn. This allows us to modernize and polish many aspects of the game, such as graphics and gameplay, beyond mere remastering. For instance, combat mechanics and combat AI are currently being enhanced to match modern standards. We are also adding some in-game help systems to prevent the player getting lost in the huge amount of characters and locations he will discover.


Question 2)
Can you tell the fans anything about new features for Outcast: Second Contact?

One of the main area of enhancement is combats. For instance, Cutter’s gun bullets are now way faster, which increase a lot the feeling of control and power. Locomotion has also been revamped and when Cutter is aiming, the camera switches to a dedicated “over the shoulder” point of view that allows better aiming. Aiming (especially with a pad) and “aiming assist” have also been greatly improved.

Finally, the enemy AI is now more reactive. Indeed, in the original game, the combat AI had a tendency to keep the soldier frozen when they were hit by bullets. Now, they can escape such situations and are globally more reactive and mobile.


Question 3)
Can you tell us about the changes/improvements to the Outcast intro sequence and in-game cutscenes?

The original intro sequence that was done in CGI is now being replaced by a motion design animatic. The voices remain the same but the music that was done with synth in the original has been re-recorded by a synphonic orchestra as the in-game musics.

The in-game cutscenes are being redone with the new engine and with remastered HD assets, although the shots basically remain the same.


Question 4)
Will there be a Collector’s Edition for Outcast: Second Contact and can you tell us a bit what it will contain?

It’s definitely something we are looking at. We are currently evaluating all the possibilities. Our goal with such an edition, if we do it, will be to please our long lasting fans.


Question 5)
Will there ever be an Outcast 2 and can you tease us a bit of info or ideas about it?

For sure, there are plenty of other adventures Cutter could live! We already have tons of ideas thanks to the discussions we had with our fans and community leaders, and we will work on a detailed concept as soon as the current game is 100% polished.


So far the Q&A with Appeal. What do you think about the questions and answers they provided?
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