Outcast – A New Beginning Adelpha Edition is here!

Hi Adelphians,

Below you will find a personal note from Roy, co-host of Outcast Universe.

This Friday, March 15th 2024, after 25 years the highly anticipated sequel to Outcast will be released: Outcast – A New Beginning.

The original Outcast game came out in 1999 and I was immediately blown away when playing it as a young kid. The game captivated me in words that are hard to explain to anyone that haven’t played it back in the day. Outcast was an adventure to a world parallel to our own called Adelpha and you are Cutter Slade, the hero, ready to travel to the planet and save the Talan, the inhabitants of this world.

The game had everything: It was open world which meant you could choose for yourself in which order of the regions to explore. You had a vast array of weaponry at your disposal, all of them upgradable, to engage in combat. Various enemy types continuously trying to stop you in your quest. Friendly fauna you could mount and use for travelling but also dangerous wildlife roaming around to attack you. Dialogue options when talking to NPC’s and extremely funny conversations. It featured main quests but also subquests to accomplish. The game also had Daokas, huge stargates you could walk through and travel between the regions of Adelpha. A high-quality orchestral score to that immersed you deeper into the gameplay itself. And the story? The story was like movie material. Outcast was simply epic.

And this coming Friday, a new adventure for Cutter Slade begins when the sequel releases. Outcast – A New Beginning will pickup the story where the original game ended and I would strongly suggest anyone to, not only play the original game if possible, but certainly immerse yourself in the sequel.

I had pre-ordered the Adelpha Edition of the game which featured multiple additions besides the base game alone and I was lucky to received it today, even before the official release and I wanted to share a few pictures of the box to the Outcast fans and not spoil the beautiful content inside yet. I’ll reserve that for Friday😉