Exclusive Outcast: Second Contact screenshots #1

Hi everyone!
A few days ago we promised to release two exclusive screenshots tonight but something has come up and unfortunately we are not able to… just kidding! Here are the two Outcast: Second Contact screenshots provided by Appeal, exclusive to Outcast Universe!

Screenshot #1
Description: Here we can see the first screenshot with the beautiful flora and fauna of Shamazaar. We truly love what Appeal has done to the vegetation and the trees, it really gives the feeling like the flora is alive on Adelpha. In the middle and a bit to the left you can see two Twon-Ha’s. On the right just next to the tree in the foreground you can see a Talan and Cutter Slade! The water looks really great and it has a nice see-through cross-over into the land. Also, If you look closely into the water you can see the Ranzaar daoka coming through the water ripples. If you look far into the distance you can see various big rocks and of course the two big moons of Adelpha. Just look at those graphics… Appeal really did an amazing job!

Screenshot #2
Description: On the second screenshot we get a view from Ranzaar, the snowwy world where you start the game. This is the part where you take the jump test to get the chest with loot and your first in-game cinematic transmission. Of course, the first thing we notice here is Cutter Slade. What a big difference from the original game! We don’t want to spoil too much but the appearance of Cutter has changed quite a bit compared to the original model and it is not even the final model (you did not hear that from us!). The big change is that now he has hair on his head and real muscle structure. We do like how Appeal did the clothes and added pockets on his pants, it gives a nice addition to reality. Moving on to the surroundings, the mountains and hills look great. Also, look at the detail on the broken bridge part and the stones it is made out of. The water again has that nice see-through rippling effect and great overflow into the mainland. You can also see some vegetation here and there througout the snow. The detail compared to the original game is incredible.


Well, those are the exclusive screenshots Appeal provided us. What do you guys think of them? Don’t hesitate to let us know because every bit of feedback is very much appreciated by Appeal!

And last but not least: We would like to take this opportunity to thank Appeal for providing us these screenshots and giving us the freedom to present them to you. Thanks Appeal!

Untill next time Adelphians!
May the Yods be silent.

(If you want to see higher resolutions of both screenshots then head over to our Media section)


  1. I’ts perfect!!! Can’t wait to see okazankar and okaar

  2. quickssilverr

    The screenshots look great right! We find it so cool and amazing to see what today’s technology can do with a game from 1999.

  3. Higher resolution! Media section! Update it now!!! 😀

  4. quickssilverr

    Haha we notice you are pretty hungry for more 😂

  5. Very, very nice. Outcast is still my alltime-favourite. I cant wait for travelling to adelpha.

    I hope the german synchro is with Manfred Lehmann as Cutter Slade…..

  6. Looks really great. Hope the world is a little bigger (same world just spaced out a little maybe). Really lokking forward to play this… again.

  7. quickssilverr

    All we can say is that Appeal has some nice additions up their sleeves for Outcast: Second Contact 😉