Introducing ‘Outcast – Did you know’ on Twitter

Dear fellow Adelphians, We are happy to introduce a new addition to Outcast Universe, called 'Outcast - Did you know'. Starting from today, we will post a new 'Did you know' item on our Outcast Universe Twitter account every few days. With 'Outcast - Did you know' we will post all kinds of fun facts, intriguing stories and [...]

Outcast 1.1 is now on sale at Steam

Outcast 1.1 is now on sale at Steam till July 4! You can purchase it for only € 2,11 (normally € 5,29). Why are you still reading this? Go, get this awesome game and experience the adventure of a lifetime! Click here to go to the sale

Outcast Universe – Website updates #1

Dear fellow Adelphians, We have made some changes to the site which are described below: - New menu added: Backstory of Outcast ( - New menu added: The Talan Culture ( - Made textual changes to - Added a new fansite to the community page: Outcast Zone - - Many images have been added to [...]

Outcast Universe wants to thank you!

Dear visitors, We would like to thank everyone for visiting our Outcast Universe website and for following and liking our social pages. It has been a great day since the launch of the website yesterday and we truly enjoyed reading all of the positive responses from you! :D So again, thank you all very much! Your [...]

Welcome, to the opening of Outcast Universe !

Dear fellow Adelphians, We proudly present and welcome you to the opening of our website, Outcast Universe! Outcast Universe is a fan community website devoted to the amazing game Outcast. For the last couple of months we have worked hard on creating the site and now it is finally finished and open to all. We [...]

Coming in early 2017: Outcast – Second Contact

On 27 May, 2016 Appeal globally announced Outcast – Second Contact. Completely out of nowhere, Appeal dropped the news that it signed a deal with Big Ben to release Outcast - Second Contact early 2017. Read the official message below that was posted on Appeal's Facebook site.

Outcast Universe on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

Outcast Universe on Social media Outcast Universe proudly presets: Outcast Universe on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube! Did you like our site? And do you want to stay in touch and get all the information about Outcast? Then please follow our social media sites: Outcast Universe on Facebook   Outcast Universe on Twitter   Outcast Universe on YouTube [...]

The start of creating Outcast Universe

Outcast Universe, how it all started After years of hoping and waiting, the news came that the original developers of Outcast had re-acquired the rights of the IP. They decided to create a Kickstarter campaign to gain funds to work further on the franchise of Outcast. With the launch of the Kickstarter, Roy was supporting the Kickstarter [...]

A message from Appeal

On December 29, 2015, Appeal posted the message below on their Facebook page: