Appeal Q&A

Hello everyone! In a combined effort with our fellow community sites Planet Adelpha and Outcastii, we have asked Appeal for an opportunity to have a Q&A. They happily agreed and asked us to provide five questions in which they would reply. Of course, we have tried to ask the questions as diverse as we can. [...]

Outcast: Second Contact – New artwork #1


Happy Holidays and warm wishes for 2017!

To our fans and friends who have made our progress possible, we extend our warmest wishes for the Holiday Season and a prosperous and peaceful New Year. Thank you for all of your support and inspiration, we are eternally grateful for everything you have given to us. The team of Outcast Universe,

Exclusive Outcast: Second Contact screenshots #1

Hi everyone! A few days ago we promised to release two exclusive screenshots tonight but something has come up and unfortunately we are not able to... just kidding! Here are the two Outcast: Second Contact screenshots provided by Appeal, exclusive to Outcast Universe! Screenshot #1 Description: Here we can see the first screenshot with the [...]

Exclusive Second Contact screenshots incoming

We have some fantastic news for you guys... Like we mentioned before, we are in direct contact with Appeal so we hear all kinds of ins and outs about Outcast and specifically the development of Second Contact. This of course gives us some amazing perks. And that's why, sometime next week, we will release two new screenshots [...]

Two new screenshots released exclusive by Planet Adelpha #1

Our friends from Planet Adelpha released two new screenshots today for Outcast - Second Contact! On the first screenshot you can see the wonderful new User Interface Appeal is developing for Second Outcast. You can also see the new layout of the in-game menu and how the new Notepad function will look. In the second screenshot you [...]

Outcast – Second Contact at GamesCom 2016

GamesCom has something special for you this year, because Appeal will show Outcast - Second Contact to attendees of the fair. Today new images have been released for the game which are shown below: OSC_035OSC_036 If you are attending GamesCom 2016 then don't forget to pay Appeal a visit and take a sneak peak at Outcast [...]

…The Daoka is opening and something is happening…

...The Daoka is opening and something is happening... Today is a great day my fellow Adelphians. Today, the first gameplay footage of Outcast - Second Contact will be shown in secret to several game journalist and close friends of Appeal so you can expect incoming press releases in the next few hours/days and we will mention [...]

Outcast Universe – Website updates #2

Dear fellow Adelphians, We have made some changes to the site which are described below: - New menu added: Cheats ( , where you can find cheats and secrets for Outcast. - Added a new gaming portal to the Get Outcast page where you can purchase Outcast 1.1 : BundleStars. - Updated the Outcast 1.1 prices on [...]

Introducing ‘Outcast – Did you know’ on Twitter

Dear fellow Adelphians, We are happy to introduce a new addition to Outcast Universe, called 'Outcast - Did you know'. Starting from today, we will post a new 'Did you know' item on our Outcast Universe Twitter account every few days. With 'Outcast - Did you know' we will post all kinds of fun facts, intriguing stories and [...]